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[texts]LG Electronics LFD850 DVD Player User Manual

Keywords: usb; audio; antenna; dvd; tuner; panel; playback; input; video; specifications; usb media; touch panel; front panel
Downloads: 1
[texts]generalmanual 000053385
generalmanual 000053385
Keywords: programmable; output; alarm; frame; input; recording; power; video; audio; panel; horizontal resolution; front panel
Downloads: 9
[texts]generalmanual 000009739
generalmanual 000009739
Keywords: panneau; les; sur; couvercle; pour; panel; avant; pas; sangle; produit; front panel; panneau avant; concu pour
Downloads: 6
[texts]hp :: 9000 300 :: specs :: A-98568-66501-9 98568A Expander Motherboard Theory of Operation Jun85
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.hp :: 9000 300 :: specs :: A-98568-66501-9 98568A Expander Motherboard Theory of Operation Jun85
Keywords: supply; power; expander; fan; motherboard; resistors; backplane; diodes; logic; load; power supply; logic ground; front panel
Downloads: 3
[texts]Korg 700-S Owner's Manual

Keywords: modulator; control; traveler; vibrato; pitch; balance; sustain; synthesizer; panel; noise; jack marked; front panel
Downloads: 98
[texts]generalmanual 000005737
generalmanual 000005737
Keywords: count; voice; alarm; set; press; slide; switch; sound; display; reaching; slide switch; voice function; front panel
Downloads: 8
[texts]generalmanual 000019166
generalmanual 000019166
Keywords: digital; audio; video; dts; scan; dolby; dvd; outputs; panel; front panel; digital audio; reverse scan; headphone output
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000014617
generalmanual 000014617
Keywords: esf; csu; dte; adtran; smart; interface; ansi; network; signal; tsu; esf csu; front panel; facility interface; single slot; csu ace
Downloads: 8
[texts]dsd :: brochures :: DSD-210 Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dsd :: brochures :: DSD-210 Brochure
Keywords: dsd; data; ibm; sector; error; drive; brown; rxcs; buffer; digital; unit select; sets rxcs; front panel; card plugs
Downloads: 15
[texts]generalmanual 000024571
generalmanual 000024571
Keywords: button; press; unit; preset; panel; disc; front; select; screw; frequency; front panel; screw holes; compact disc; automatically storing; main unit
Downloads: 5
[texts]nd :: ND600 :: technical specs :: NuclearData Four Input Multichannel Scaler Module
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.nd :: ND600 :: technical specs :: NuclearData Four Input Multichannel Scaler Module
Keywords: multichannel; scaling; input; memory; data; panel; dwell; analyzer; illinois; selected; multichannel scaling; front panel; input multichannel; dwell time; nuclear data
Downloads: 14
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 8 No. 12 (1957-08)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 8 No. 12 (1957-08)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: sweep; instrument; amplifiers; model; oscilloscope; phase; signal; crt; volts; trigger; sweep expansion; sweep speeds; front panel; phase shift
Downloads: 32
[texts]morrow :: brochure :: Keyed-Up 8080 Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.morrow :: brochure :: Keyed-Up 8080 Brochure
Keywords: cpu; buss; panel; program; octal; memory; board; keyboard; front; display; front panel; personal computer; general purpose; cpu board; clock driver
Downloads: 32
[texts]AM8012 owner's manual
AM8012 owner's manual
Keywords: amsynths; arp; module; vcf; filter; frequency; audio; power; potentiometer; slide; slide potentiometer; front panel; slide potentiometers; euro rack; audio signal
Downloads: 24
[texts]generalmanual 000014521
generalmanual 000014521
Keywords: ocu; fiber; metallic; interface; dbm; adtran; optical; mounting; connectors; bnc; vertical mounting; ohm bnc; front panel; female connectors; bnc female
Downloads: 6
[texts]generalmanual 000038557
generalmanual 000038557
Keywords: ocu; fiber; metallic; interface; adtran; optical; connectors; bnc; bps; ohm bnc; front panel; female connectors; bnc female
Downloads: 6
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1990)
73 Magazine November 1990 (#362) The Roll-Up 10-20 Antenna - Just right for portable QRP ...... WV8R 12 Working the World with 2 Milliwatts - The ultimate QRP challenge ...... KI6DQ 14 The FIRE-BALL QRP Rig - 50 milliwatts of pure power ...... WB8ELK 18 The Firecaler Milliwattmeter - Calibrate your mini-QRP rig ...... WB0ESV 22 The Smoke Detector Receiver - Turn the FIRE-BALL into a complete transceiver ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ham; repeater; meter; power; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; front panel
Downloads: 2,713
[texts]generalmanual 000064186
generalmanual 000064186
Keywords: dvd; vhs; digital; input; dvds; audio; recording; glove; govideo; record; white glove; dvd recording; front panel; digital camcorder
Downloads: 9
[texts]generalmanual 000040808
generalmanual 000040808
Keywords: hub; milan; hubs; power; technology; ethernet; figure; interconnecting; adapter; milan technology; power adapter; theac power; rear panel; front panel
Downloads: 7
[texts]Kilobaud Magazine (March 1977)

Keywords: computer; data; program; memory; input; software; cpu; cassette; address; altair; paper tape; power supply; floppy disk; program counter; front panel; clocked logic; altair bus; bit map; digital group
Downloads: 346
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1986)
73 Magazine August 1986 (#311) A Packet Primer - For the totally bewildered -learn the mechanics of packet without having to ask embarrassing questions ...... W1BEL 28 How To Make Friends At 1200 Baud - Answers the question "What do I do with it?" that you asked after reading the primer. This article explains the operating side of packet ...... W2JUP 34 Precision Packet Tuning - Complete plans for building what could be the world's best packet/RTTY tuning indicator...
Keywords: packet; amateur; radio; bbs; tnc; frequency; digital; mhz; repeater; ham; amateur radio; packet radio; power supply; ham radio; amateur packet; front panel; packet stations; tuning indicator
Downloads: 2,150
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1990)
73 Magazine August 1990 (#359) Omni-Gain Vertical Collinear for VHF and UHF - Easy to build antenna for repeater or home ...... WA6SVT 10 High on ATV - A marriage made in heaven! ...... KS8J 15 Low Power Two Meter FM Transmitter - Inexpensive, lightweight and expendable! ...... WA4ADG 18 High Altitude Ballooning - Send your rig to the edge of space! ...... WB8ELK 30 Yaesu Service Survey - Refreshingly flexible ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; atv; antenna; transmitter; frequency; ihe; ham; amateur radio; feedback card; ham radio; front panel; power supply; atv transmitter; amateur television; power output
Downloads: 2,472
Keywords: stereo; fidelity; cps; music; high; sound; amplifier; musical; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; rca victor; speaker system; tape recorder; frequency response; power output; harmonic distortion; front panel; free copy
Downloads: 17
[texts]generalmanual 000052615
generalmanual 000052615
Keywords: panel; assembly; dividers; pes; illustration; screwdriver; holes; bottom; screws; trundle; bottom assembly; side panel; front panel; phillips head; head screwdriver; morgan trundle; left side; antique white
Downloads: 6
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1980)
73 Magazine March 1980 (#234) Good-Bye to Autopatch Hassles - low-cost remedies to common problems ...... WB2LEI/4 30 Baudot-ASCII Converter Follow-Up - add a FIFO buffer for typing ease ...... VE4YD, VE4CM 34 CB to 10 - part XXII: more talk power for the TRC-11 ...... N4APN 38 The L With It - an alternative to the variable inductor ...... K4KI 40 Future Rig and Rigamarole - are you ready for faster-than-light propagation? ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; power; frequency; output; march; meter; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; field day; toll free; front panel; master charge; trap vertical; radio shack
Downloads: 3,874
[texts]generalmanual 000067543
generalmanual 000067543
Keywords: digital; video; dvd; playback; recording; audio; discs; progressive; disc; colorstream; front panel; digital video; progressive scan; component video; digital cinema; cinema progressive
Downloads: 8
[texts]qualstar :: 500300 3400 User manual Rev U
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.qualstar :: 500300 3400 User manual Rev U
Keywords: tape; drive; scsi; display; menu; configuration; data; tape drive; drive configuration; scsi configuration; configuration menu; menu operations; supply reel; scsi bus; write density; front panel; data file
Downloads: 54
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1988)
73 Magazine August 1988 (#335) What a Mess! - 73's Home-Grown DXpedition ...... W2NSD 10 Auto VIM: Part One - A power supply with some smarts ...... W4RNL 12 Handheld Transformation - Kenwood HT updates you can do yourself ...... N6LRT 19 The Quest for Ultra Portability - How do you get all that stuff to fit on a bike? ...... N4RVE 20 Digicom 64 - Software packet system for the C-64 ...... W2UP 22 Smart "S" Meter - A little help goes a long way in T hunts ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; circuit; frequency; repeater; voltage; ham; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; radio shack; packet radio; antenna tuner; ham radio; front panel
Downloads: 1,840
[texts]dec :: qbus :: RQDXx Expander M7513 Schem Jun85
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dec :: qbus :: RQDXx Expander M7513 Schem Jun85
Keywords: port; sel; wrt; jumper; ack; prot; box; cpu; rdi; rdo; floating inputs; avoid floating; port sel; int port; cpu box; front panel; jumper selection; wrt prot
Downloads: 30
[texts]Flame Clockwork Owner's Manual

Keywords: track; tracks; clockwork; midi; lfo; gate; random; analogue; clock; ruler; reference tracks; flame clockwork; damage caused; additional informations; upper position; midi note; left switch; global functions; front panel
Downloads: 81
[texts]generalmanual 000037406
generalmanual 000037406
Keywords: switch; network; cable; port; power; ethernet; connect; install; adapter; cables; network switch; switch side; specification sheet; selection switch; rear panel; front panel; fast ethernet
Downloads: 6
[texts]generalmanual 000022370
generalmanual 000022370
Keywords: power; supply; metrobility; supplies; cord; chassis; installed; leds; panel; optical; power supply; power supplies; power switch; front panel; safety cover; power cord; metrobility optical; blank panel
Downloads: 10
[texts]Oakley Sound VRG V2 builder's Guide

Keywords: vrg; pin; oakley; sockets; module; pcb; header; board; wire; signal; oakley sound; power supply; sound systems; project webpage; lin mode; front panel
Downloads: 52
[texts]generalmanual 000034049
generalmanual 000034049
Keywords: switch; bps; friendlyn; port; duplex; mode; mounting; connecting; operation; network; operation mode; full duplex; front panel; duplex operation; push button; bps link; rubber feet
Downloads: 5
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1979)
73 Magazine May 1979 (#224) CB to 10 - part XVIII: several PLL rigs ...... K9PS 30 PROM IDer for Longer Callsigns - don't be caught short ...... W4VGZ 34 The W7GAQ Key Collection - 250 museum masterpieces ...... K7NZA 38 Proper FM Transceiver Adjustment - good club project ...... VE3AVY 44 Dual-Band Smokey Detector - Super Scooper does it all ...... W1SNN 48 The DXer's Secret Weapon - costs you nothing ........
Keywords: mhz; amateur; radio; kit; frequency; antenna; repeater; power; model; amateur radio; radio club; toll free; power supply; ham radio; call toll; front panel; versa tuner; annual hamfest
Downloads: 4,249
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1987)
73 Magazine March 1987 (#318) 40 Meters In A Nutshell - This clever 7-MHz transceiver slips right into your pocket (you may have to enlarge your pockets a bit) ...... KG5B 26 C-64 Slow Scan - Use your Commodore for something other than playing Space Potatoes -explore the exciting world of slow-scan television ...... WB9LYH 34 The Calibrated Drake - Avoid FCC pink slips with this simple calibrator for your Drake 2-line ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; repeater; antenna; lda; icom; receiver; sta; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; flea market; sta porta; front panel; packet radio; ham radio; sta portb
Downloads: 2,621
[texts]generalmanual 000058460
generalmanual 000058460
Keywords: sound; input; unit; select; surround; digital; dolby; press; front; sound field; front panel; set menu; remote control; cinema dsp; pro logic; front left; dsp sound; test tone
Downloads: 11
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1989)
73 Magazine June 1989 (#345) Spread-Spectrum - Hams, too, can use this mode! ...... N4ICK 12 The Net/ROM-NordLink Question - Bootlegged software? ...... WB2KQI 34 Decoding OSCAR Telemetry, Part II - Learn about the state of F-O-12 and OSCARs-to-be ...... G3RUH 58 QRP CW Transceiver - Enjoy 30 or 40m QRP operation with this easy-to-build rig ...... NZ5G and N5HNN 20 The G3IGU Transceiver - Designed for 80m QRP fun ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; frequency; mhz; power; ham; meter; output; circuit; amateur radio; feedback card; ham radio; packet radio; antennas west; radio club; front panel; radio shack
Downloads: 2,308
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 03 Number 10 - Chess for the Microcomputer
Foreground p.22 NO POWER FOR YOUR INTERFACES?: Build a 5W DC to DC Converter [theme Hardware] [author Ciarcia] p.34 A "TINY" PASCAL COMPILER, Part 2: The P-Compiler [theme Pascal] [author Chung-Yuen] p.58 TESTING MEMORY IN BASIC [theme Software] [author Adams] p.86 FIRST STEPS IN COMPUTER CHESS PROGRAMMING [theme Software Chess] [author the Spracklens] p.100 LINEAR CIRCUIT ANALYSIS [theme Simulation] [author Anderson] p.122 SOLVING THE EIGHT QUEENS PROBLEM [theme Software] [author Smith] p.142 A...
Keywords: computer; byte; program; memory; chess; software; data; october; byte publications; byte october; front panel; power supply; north star; personal computer; floppy disk; residents add; olson electronics; byte shop
Downloads: 775
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1989)
73 Magazine March 1989 (#342) Mnemonic Morse - Use one digital system to learn another ...... W8LHL 52 Grid Square Location Aid - Invaluable antenna aiming program for microwavers ...... WB6IGP 55 Control Head for the TS-440S - Go HF mobile -with the 440S in the trunk! ...... WB0UVN 18 Switching for Older RF Amps - Safely key any linear amp with a newer HF rig ...... WA4BLC 19 Link Controller for the S-COM 5K - Turn this popular controller into a repeater networker ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; repeater; frequency; receiver; electronics; ham; amateur radio; feedback card; link controller; power supply; morse code; ham radio; front panel; packet radio
Downloads: 2,008
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (December 1979)

Keywords: program; computer; software; disk; data; system; memory; kit; programs; ram; power supply; residents add; front panel; north star; machine language; floppy disk; operating system; static ram; radio shack
Downloads: 981
[texts]Computer Power User Volume 13 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Keywords: cpu; intel; lan; thunderbolt; copyright; windows; paint; gaming; core; panel; intel core; hat area; heavy gear; hard hat; lan party; mmon console; console document; front panel
Downloads: 187
[texts]dataIO :: 970-0015-002 303A-FPC
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dataIO :: 970-0015-002 303A-FPC
Keywords: device; logicpak; data; adapter; ram; codes; programmer; fuse; uarrenty; sumcheck; fuse data; program device; front panel; logic device; remote control; terminal remote
Downloads: 12
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1982)
73 Magazine March 1982 (#258) The Porta-Peater The Instant Communicator - quick and easy does it ...... WA2BHB, AC2A, WA2UNN 12 Amateur Television's Stripper - a home-brew star ...... VE3CYC 20 Polishing Kenwood's R-1000 - a gem in the rough ...... K9EUI 34 Peaking and Tweaking Surplus CB Boards - the untold story ...... WB0NPN/8 38 OSCAR Pathfinder - a colorful way to track the satellites ...... WB6NQK 46 Which TVRO Antenna Is Best? - Satellite Central, Part IV ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; radio; power; audio; khz; receiver; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; power output; residents add; hewlett packard; front panel; call toll; frequency range
Downloads: 3,860
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 12 No. 3 (1960-11)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 12 No. 3 (1960-11)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: frequency; standard; stability; output; oscillator; standby; voltage; circuit; power; divider; frequency standard; time standard; standby power; standby battery; primary frequency; power supply; front panel
Downloads: 26
[texts]generalmanual 000030552
generalmanual 000030552
Keywords: appliance; speaker; amp; power; terminals; instructions; mono; connect; bridging; switch; amp three; front panel; signal source; power switch; operating instructions; bridging switch; speaker selector; qualified service; power supply
Downloads: 7
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1979)
73 Magazine March 1979 (#222) RAM Scan Your KDK - amazing flexibility for $30 ...... WB2JHN 26 The NCX-Match - build something useful ...... WA6NCX/l 32 The Memorizer Goes to MARS - expanded frequency coverage ...... KH6JMU 38 Build a Hybrid Capacity Meter - digital circuitry, analog display ...... WA4HUU 40 Power Plus! - a 20-Amp, adjustable, regulated dc supply ...... W6YUY 42 Reaching for the Top - why stop with the General ticket? ........
Keywords: frequency; mhz; power; output; diode; antenna; amateur; kit; radio; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; front panel; call toll; frequency counter; ham radio; master charge; time base
Downloads: 3,249
[texts]generalmanual 000026727
generalmanual 000026727
Keywords: eject; drive; audio; disc; panel; ide; connector; firmware; allows; creative; front panel; version number; rear panel; firmware version; disc tray; creative technology; connector allows
Downloads: 8
[texts]generalmanual 000033748
generalmanual 000033748
Keywords: cassette; radio; antenna; warranty; button; dashboard; rotate; panel; control; stereo; front panel; sound output; control knob; antenna trimmer; wire nuts; mounting sleeve; installation kit; implied warranty; control rotate
Downloads: 6
[texts]generalmanual 000071678
generalmanual 000071678
Keywords: sound; unit; input; digital; select; dolby; center; press; speaker; front panel; set menu; remote control; dolby digital; pro logic; main left; input mode; indicator lights; test tone
Downloads: 8
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